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Kebumen is one district that is in the region of Central Java province. Area or region Kebumen is right on the southern coast Indonesian ocean. Kebumen region surrounded by the western district of Cilacap, Banyumas Katepaten north and east of Purworejo district.

This area is perfect for those of you who want to relax with family, both with a partner or with your friends in the office. The area surrounded by limestone mountains and cool valve and average views of pristine clicking sound will generated a lot of people to anyone who visit there.

Do not worry about running out of tourism destination, because the district which has the slogan “Kebumen Faithful” is (still I-Be Safe and Comfortable ndah) has many attractions you can visit. Object ² tour spread over several districts, and unfortunately we can only show a few sights, although not as beautiful as the original, but we expect a very limited media is a little more consideration could be if you want to travel.

In addition, as described above Kebumen as a tourism city, Kebumen also is an area of small industrial center that is the largest producer of palm sugar in Java. Palm sugar or brown sugar is often called a variety of food raw materials and auxiliary raw materials such as soy foods, lunkhead, and others.

Fishermen, is a livelihood for the people who were right coastal area. In addition as many fishermen as well if not go to sea as well interspersed with agriculture or farming.

In recent years Kebumen who have very extensive forest still has the largest foreign exchange is of bird’s nest. This bird’s nest has a fairly high sales value and is still a mainstay commodity.

One thing that should not be forgotten if you come to this region is Lanting Kebumen district that is typical snacks made from cassava, it was tasty and crispy. Lanting is widely sold along the road Kebumen and shops, stalls and markets. Hearing the name Kebumen, perhaps we immediately recall memories of events September 1998 riots. The event was a stigma for the region. But it also gave birth to the protagonist who is able to lead the masses to quell the unrest, so do not spread to other areas. That figure that then became regent at this time, through a strict selection in March 2000.

When we shift further back memories, we remember the city’s Suharto-Kostrad who later became President of RI, came to the celebration of marriage Lieutenant Colonel Samsuri Fortunately, the antagonist used in the history of Indonesia for leading the kidnapping and murder of the generals on October 1, 1965.

There are new testimonies that illustrate Lieutenant Colonel Luckily no formal history depicted cruel, but people are innocent and loyal to the two leaders, Sukarno and Suharto. Therefore, he is easily duped by one of the two.

But let the new versions of history that is more true, logical, and healthy for future generations appear naturally. Iron law of history proves at once that”a person or group of people can not deceive all the people forever.”

What is clear, however, Kebumen area has provided great service to many other areas. T Anah wealth of high quality clay from the area and population resilience to process them into tiles make great contribution to Kebumen other regions.

Who knows how many hundred thousand cubic meters of clay from the area who donated to other areas. What is clear, the process was still continued until now. If we get into Kebumen passing lane south of Java, a typical scene immediately visible on either side of the road a precarious pile. Both tiles are still raw, new sun, nor was mature or burned.

In the district there Sokka precarious industrial centers that exist since the Dutch era. It is said that because of its quality, in the 19th century, the Company used for roof tiles Sokka all railway stations in Java. Genting Sokka known strong, made from clay specific.

Along with the development of the age, from the clay industry thrive. There are currently about 700 units of critical business, spread over several districts. Starting from the District Pejagoan, Sruweng, Petanahan, Adimulyo, until Kebumen.


Employers precarious, though often quipped by officials as”seller”homeland, including successful entrepreneurs. But success did not correlate with the critical business revenue. Therefore, cash donations to the local industry is relatively small.

On the other hand, industry competitors precarious precarious Sokka started getting press and cement tiles. Not to mention the industry is also increasingly threatening environmental sustainability because it made from raw clay from the fertile rice fields.

Head of Economic Bappeda SSos Helmi Sabri declared one of the untapped wealth of resources while (SDA) is a mineral. For cement, for example, already in preparation for plant construction in the Village Nogoraji, Buayan, by PT Semen Gombong. However, capital-intensive industries that halt the total since the crisis.

Materials other than gold mines. So far, there are several deposit and exploration ever undertaken in the District’s father. Consultants of Canada has been doing research for a long time, but the results are not final and still need a process.

That’s why the next Kebumen can not rely on the tiles or natural resources of the mine.

Actually district that has two reservoirs, Sempor and Wadaslintang, it is a fertile area in Central Java. Even a granary in southern Central Java. The value of rice production reached a surplus each year, an average of 200,000 tons. With an area of 128,112.5 ha area, there are 26,297 ha of land irrigated rice, rainfed lowland 13,539 ha and 84,305 ha of dry land.

Unfortunately, traditional agriculture, in the sense merely of rice, even less profitable for farmers. Remember, every time the cost of production inputs ranging from seed, fertilizer, to wage labor increasingly soaring. The sale value of rice / paddy harvest season every time it fell.

Later farmer glanced Kebumen agribusiness. For example, to develop crops and fruits such as salak, watermelon, and oranges. But because of limited capital and skills, the result was not optimal agribusiness as well.

Not to mention the work ethic Kebumen some farmers are still low. They are generally subsistence-oriented, which is just sufficient food needs today. In short, agricultural businesses in that area still need the motivation of farmers and relevant agencies to provide added value.

Other potential

Another potential in Kebumen quite diverse. For example, on the south coast there is wealth of bird’s nest in the Cave Karangbolong, Karangduwur, and Sand. Three cave County Government property was contributed on average 100 kg of bird nests per year, worth Rp 500 million. Even this year resale value of Rp 787 million.

In addition there is a good tourism potential of natural attractions / caves, beaches, and reservoirs. There are about eight leading tourist attraction. Namely Jatijajar cave, Gua Petruk, Cote’s father, Beach Karangbolong, Sempor Reservoir, Reservoir Wadaslintang, Krakal Warm Water, and Pantai Petanahan.

Greatest contribution to the regional treasury is Jatijajar Cave and Beach Pedalen in the District’s father. New object that began to demand the military bastion in Gombong Van der Wicjk.

Kebumen has the potential of woven pandanus handicraft Village Grenggeng, confections in the Village Roworejo, cap in Bandung village, and mats of coconut fiber in Buluspesantren.

The food industry on the south coast. For example melinjo chips, brown sugar, and snacks like Lanting Karanganyar, sale of bananas, and cassava chips that have enough raw materials. Quality chips Kebumen recognized melinjo good because a lot of supply to large cities such as Surabaya, Semarang, and Yogyakarta. In Ambal still there dishes with chicken satay sauce tempeh, and the soto ayam kampung Petanahan is also typical.

Related to the service industry restaurants and hotels, as one measure of the level of local services and facilities, developing real bad. For example, the number of restaurants along the highway south point increase each year.

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